IT Skill Building Accelerator

Blended Learning at Scale

Our accelerator programmes include a blend of  effective and efficient learning methods that include self paced learning, DIY, and knowledge acquisition through content curation.

This approach results in an effective efficient knowledge acquisition process as the learning process could start even before the scheduled training sessions.

Instructor led theory sessions

The instructor led training sessions  in an  accelerator programme differ from course based training in their structure and interactivity.

Guided Lab Practicals

Practicals are use case based and dynamic with intermittent  practical sessions and chat discussions.

Error and troubleshooting discussions

The best way to reduce the errors is to deliberately commit them in a simulated environment. All the commonly occurring errors are discussed and documented.

Accelerated Learning Tools

Real time stats

Quiz and self assessment tools that provide real time knowledge feedback.

Curated Search

AI based search

LMS tools

Tools that enhance the VILT sessions .

Use case builders

Create real use cases and participate in end to end project implementation.

Note management

Note taking is a very important aspect in the learning process, the note management tools enable note editing and collaboration. This is a tool developed in-house at InfraRight.

Easy to use tutorial editors

Create multilevel and well structured tutorials in without worrying about the formatting and styling. The editor provides elements that are commonly used in creating a tutorial like TOC, indexing etc resulting in an automation of the formatting process.

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