• A Clear Insight to the Clouded Perspective.

    The evolution of Cloud computing has brought about a massive transformation in the way we architect and provision infrastructure and the application stacks that sit on them. With the ecosystem around cloud growing at a rapid pace we will see newer innovations and software solutions sprouting every day.

    So what is it that we can expect from the cloud ?

    The cloud computing protocol is a collection or suite of best practices to follow which would result in the delivery of highly scalable, flexible, secure and highly available service architectures.
    Since there is no one single architecture or design implementation that would fit all application use cases, there are a lot of reference architectures out there that help in building a highly scalable and reliable architecture. So arguable no matter what best practices or solution you bring to the table as long as you follow the guidelines and best practices which result in a highly scalable, reliable, cost effective, secure, and highly available solution and bring about democratization where the consumers focus on the strategic aspects of the business and not spent to much time and cost on operations and infrastructure management, you are on the right track.

    The biggest advantages and an exciting offering of cloud to me personally is the democratization of infrastructure, things that were not feasible and cost effective to do in the past can be done today. how powerful is that ! The advantages of cloud computing do not only benefit IT but extend to a number of fields.

    Cloud delivers all the advantages of a utility based service. There are a lot of analogies about the business model of cloud computing. But we cant have an exact comparison with these as cloud computing as a utility service deals with data and applications. So there are concerns of privacy, confidentiality and all the other security considerations that need to be addressed when making a transition to the cloud. As far as security goes we also have new concerns with regard to some of the technologies the cloud uses to achieve these best practices, like virtualization and the security treats that it can bring about.

    The question we need to ask is whether the app is fit or right for the cloud. Apps where security is not a major concern are the early cloud adopters.

    All in all the cloud is here to stay and the transition to it has already begun.
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